Day 109: The calm before the storm…


I couldn’t focus at all today! All I could think about was how awesome tomorrow night is going to be. And that made me want to start jumping up and down because it’s seriously going to be like adult Christmas! I’M FREAKING OUT!!

The day started out good. I didn’t really want to go out ralking this morning but my studly husband offered to go with me so I laced up my shoes and rolled out. It was awesome to have a ralking buddy! I tried not to embarrass him too much… with little success. I’m a goon.

My knee started hurting really badly though, right at our turn around point. So even though I ran a lot yesterday, today was 2/3 brisk walking. It still felt good to get out there. And to have funny, sexy company whose rear looks damn good in running pants…

I digress.

After that it was on to work… BOOOOOOOO! It was actually a really good day. It went by quickly, I made a bunch of money and I saw a client that I love. So no real complaints.

My sweet husband picked me up after work and we came straight home to make dinner. We aren’t allowed any detours until Next is paid off on Friday. Nick made an awesome dinner and we watched a great episode of Modern Family. What follows Modern Family (normally) is my favorite 30 minutes of TV a week: Happy Endings. If you haven’t seen it, I feel sorry for your life. It’s hilarious!! HOWEVER, apparently Happy Endings is on hiatus to let some other show premiere. I was not happy. I’m trying not to lose my shit… it’s just that I’ve been looking forward to that show all day! And finding out at the last second that it isn’t on is heart-breaking. 

I’ll be strong though… I’ll try to stay out of the tub with a bottle of vodka. But no promises.

Food totals:

Breakfast: yogurt with granola and apple, 307 calories, $2.04

Lunch: turkey sammich with veggies & hummus, 441 calories, $1.87

Dinner: gnocchi with Italian sausage and garlic bread, 690 calories, $2.19

So today just sounds like a nice, normal day. In reality, I’m bursting at the seams!!! I’ve been bouncing off the walls, freaking out about tomorrow!! What to wear? How to do my hair? Take a camera? Louboutins or Sam Edlemans? Chic black tunic with leggings or sexy strapless dress? Will Grant be there? Will I get too drunk to walk in my heels? SO MANY THINGS TO THINK ABOUT!! I don’t know how but I need to pull my shit together by tomorrow.

It’s going to be insane.

And I’m so excited for the insanity.



  1. willrunforshoes said: The Happy Endings season ended. BOOOO. It did get renewed, though, so it’ll be back next season. In the meantime “Don’t trust the b**** in Apt. 23” is actually funnier than I expected… Plus, Dawson is on it as James Vanderbeek.
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